CAREER COACHING IN A BOX: A unique strategy for developing your career

Whether you are a mid-life professional making a career transition, a recent college graduate without a clear career direction, a retiree embarking on a new stage in your work life or a dissatisfied job-holder who has never before considered a real career, CAREER QUEST CARDSTM©  can offer you a practical, portable tool for finding the work that is right for you.

CAREER QUEST CARDS were designed by Halimah Bellows, a seasoned career counselor/coach with more than 20 years of experience championing the careers of her clients.  The set of 24 cards provides a distillation of 30 key career-coaching exercises.  The cards are color-coded in five categories, allowing the flexibility to work with the cards randomly or use them in a sequence that suits your own learning style and needs. By keeping a  journal, you can  track the discoveries you make about your values and preferences in the process of doing the exercises.

Career coaches and counselors, career development professionals and outplacement consultants, as well as high school guidance counselors and advisors can also utilize the CAREER QUEST CARDS TM  ©  in working with their students or clients. The package of cards includes suggestions for using the exercises interactively with individuals or organizing workshops where people work together as partners or in small groups.  Young people in particular may find the colorful cards more fun than reading a book about career development.

To purchase Career Quest Cards or contact Halimah Bellows for counseling, coaching or presentations, send email to hbellows@careerquestcards.com or careerquestcards@gmail.com, or call 206-595.7927.

cc-app fast track

CAREER QUEST CARDS TM© are also available as an app that can be instantly downloaded on any connected iPhone, Kindle Fire or Android device in a colorful, fun, easy-to-use package designed to enable busy users to take it with them on the go as they explore possible paths to career success.

To download CAREER QUEST CARDS TM© on your Kindle Fire or Android device, go to:




To download on iPhone or iPad, go to:





Champion Your Career: Winning in the World of Work

by Halimah Bellows

Looking for a Career that Brings You Real Fulfillment?

Seeking Work that Aligns with your Values and Passions?

Need Help Developing a Job Search Strategy?

The path to a fulfilling new career is a journey of many steps. Champion Your Career: Winning in the World of Work has been written to serve as a helpful guide and companion on every step of that journey.

Champion Your Career is unusual in that it combines career counseling with career coaching. By asking the appropriate questions, Champion Your Career gives you not only the theory behind choosing a career that’s right for you, but offers practical exercises, resources, and powerful questions so you can then become your own career champion. The books that are on the market now offer career choice theory with self assessment exercises, but without the coaching structure and support that moves readers to active decision making within the process of championing their careers. Champion Your Career provides you with theory, exercises and coaching to support you on the path to finding both the right career and the job that’s perfect for you.

This book is for:

– college career planning;

– mid-life career changes; and

– retirees seeking post retirement careers.

Anyone who has faced the challenge of embarking on a new career knows how important it is to have someone cheering you on and guiding you in developing effective strategies. In this book, seasoned career counselor/coach Halimah Bellows offers you the tools for becoming your own career champion. With empathy and enthusiasm, she will inspire you to delve deeply and honestly into your experience to discover the career path that is right for you.

Champion Your Career uniquely addresses the major concerns, methodologies and plans of action that are applicable in the 21st century for a new generation of career seekers, in a new economy, and in a quickly changing marketplace. The resource listings are current and include many websites, blogs, and forums that keep the reader updated on the latest career trends in a given geographic or demographic area.

Career development is a process.  The strategies presented in Champion Your Career can be used throughout your working life.

 It is never to soon, to find work that is rewarding and fulfilling.


Champion Your Career: Winning in the World of Work is the winner of the

National Association of Book Entrepreneurs Summer 2016 Pinnacle Award

in the category of Self-Help Books


Buy at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s online and Books-a-Million.






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