You and the New Year

This is the time of year that everyone and everything is abuzz with plans, down-time, and anticipation of what is to unfold in the year ahead. You become aware of the life you have led up until this point and ponder what the future may hold. Even if you don’t subscribe to officially making resolutions for the New Year, you can approach this exercise as a time to anticipate new or renewed beginnings, endings or standstills.

For your New Year’s Resolutions, take a breath and take your time. Think and feel out the overall direction that you want your life to take. Start with one single goal and work it with realism and commitment. Take it one goal at a time and spend some time with each one. This is not a process to be rushed. If the resolutions matter to you and you desire success, proceed accordingly like you would with any smart life plan. It often helps to write down your ideas so as to see them as valid, real and possible (or not) for you.

Decide if your goals are realistic and approachable for where you are in your life right now. The next step is to record a few key points to remind you of the necessary action steps needed to fulfill them. Continue breathing and imagine each goal as being reached, then project how you will feel when each one is accomplished. Mentally and emotionally digest each goal in bite-sized pieces, like the chunk theory. If you see your action steps as comfortable strides walking the path on your journey, they will seem more manageable as you write down, and then enact your visions. You will maintain your enthusiasm and likely not peter out if they are within the scope of your abilities, resources and energy levels.  If you’re aimless & without goals, the road to success takes longer or you may find yourself lost or back at the same starting place again next year.

Take a safe risk and commit to at least one resolution that you will accomplish or strive for with consistency all year long. If you desire to lose weight, become more fit, learn a new skill, create a more fulfilling and lucrative profession, open your heart to true love, be a more patient parent, attentive partner, focused worker, optimistic human or playful friend- make it so! After all, the choice for how you live your life is entirely up to you. No excuses- get on with it and be your very best for you and the new year! Your world and the world around you will delight in your success! Happy, Healthy New Year! Live Inspired!

Offered by Nina Siddell of Nina Sidell Inspiring Lives, LLC.


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