10 Websites every baby boomer should know but probably doesn’t

By Marc Miller

There is a set of websites every baby boomer should know to manage your career, and I am writing this post to expose you to them. Some of these might surprise you. Let’s get started.


Employee Benefit Research Institute – The mission of the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) is to contribute to, to encourage, and to enhance the development of sound employee benefit programs and sound public policy through objective research and education. There is a ton of great data about retirement. They do a variety of surveys related to baby boomers ability to retire.

PBS Next Avenue – This PBS’s website dedicated to the baby boomer generation. Articles cover a full spectrum of issues and come from a variety of sources. Career Pivot contributed an article in February.

Harvard Business Review Blog – I have become a big fan of HBR. They follow a variety of trends that you must keep on top of for your career.

Let’s cover some recruiting websites every baby boomer should know.


ERE.net – ERE is a central gathering point for the recruiting industry. You will find lots of useful information on careers but more importantly trends in employment.

Recruiting Blogs – Recruiting Blogs is a central place where recruiters can blog on topics of their choice. There are over 14,000 recruiting blogs on this site. This is a great place to gain insight into what recruiters are thinking.

The Undercover Recruiter – The Undercover Recruiter is the #1 recruitment and career blog in the UK & Europe. Another great place to follow industry trends.

Recruiter.com – One of the largest websites for the recruiting industry. This link will take you to the Career Advice section of the website.

I believe every baby boomer should track trends in the recruiting industry.

Let’s cover some different websites every baby boomer should know.


Social-Hire – This is a new and innovative career site around the new way to find a job. I particularly want to point you to the career advice section.

Linked Into Business Blog – This is a LinkedIn blog for business written by my good friend Viveka von Rosen. Viv runs the Tuesday evening Tweetchat called LinkedIn Chat. If you want to stay on top of changes in LinkedIn this is the place.

This one will surprise you!

Heidi Cohen – Heidi Cohen’s blog provides marketing related insights grounded in digital and direct marketing. Served with a creative twist, Heidi includes practical tips based on her extensive experience that readers can apply to their marketing. You need to understand online marketing tactics to market your own career!

Did I miss any websites every baby boomer should know?


BoomerJobTips.com – Okay, I am being a bit self serving. I recently acquired the BoomerJobTips.com domain which was listed in the top career sites in 2012. The previous owner took down the website for personal reasons. My plan is to make BoomerJobTips.com the premiere career information website for baby boomers and keep it pitch free. Content is curated from around the Internet and posted through out the day.

Marc Miller is a Career Design Specialist, contributor to Career Pivot and author of Repurpose Your Career: A Practical Guide for Baby Boomers


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