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Halimah Bellows to speak at Godfather’s Books and Expresso in Astoria, Oregon on March 30

College Instructor, Counselor, Career Coach and author Halimah Bellows will discuss her new book Champion Your Career: Winning in the World of Work at Godfather’s Books and Expresso, 1108 Commercial St in Astoria, Oregon on Wednesday, March 30 at 2:00 pm.



Halimah Bellows to be interviewed on New Day Northwest, Monday, March 21

College Instructor, Counselor, Career Coach and author Halimah Bellows will discuss her new book Champion Your Career: Winning in the World of Work on New Day Northwest on Monday, March 21 on King5 TV at 11:00 AM and on KONG TV (virtual channel 16 and UHF digital channel 31) at 2:00 PM.

Halimah Bellows to hold book launch on April 3

College Instructor, Counselor, Career Coach and author Halimah Bellows will hold a book launch, signing and discussion of her new book Champion Your Career-Winning in the World of Work on Sunday April 3 from 1:15 to 3:30 at Spring Street Center, 1101 15th Ave in Seattle. Joining her will be author Paul Nelson, who will read from his new book American Sentences and will be accompanied by Jim O’Halloran on flute. Snacks will be provided.

Champion Your Career – Winning in the World of Work is a blueprint for those seeking career guidance at any age. The author gives the reader permission to dream and play and envision a passionate career path, while offering industry standard exercises for self-assessments. With college costs at an all- time high, this book takes the guess work out of “what’s next” for college bound students, returning students and those making mid-life career changes or seeking a new career in retirement.

“I felt that a comprehensive career development book for the 21st century was needed to address the critical concerns of our time—the workers who are victims of downsizing and outsourcing, the boomers who are at retirement age but cannot afford to retire and the recent college graduates who are faced with an avalanche of confusing information and are clueless about how to pursue an appropriate career path,” says Halimah Bellows. Print copies of Champion Your Career – Winning in the World of Work are now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites for pre-order. The ebook is also available through Amazon and Bookbaby.

The author has also developed “Career Quest Cards, Career Coaching in a Box.” The boxed set is a perfect gift for young and old and can be ordered at Amazon. These cards are portable, practical, thought provoking and combine the best of current career search information. The boxed set contains 24 colorful cards with over 30 exercises and is chock full of ways to open creativity, think outside the box, and make best possible career choices.

A Career Quest App is available now at Amazon and from google and ibooks book stores. More information is available and print copies can also be pre-ordered at the author’s website: . For media inquiries contact Diane at

Confrontation Doesn’t Have to be Ugly

by Dorothy Tannahill-Moran

If you’re a leader or intend to be, you will have to do things to step out of your comfort zone. It’s part of the job. Confronting peers, subordinates and even the boss (at times) when results aren’t matching plan expectations, must take place to steer things back to where they need to be. If you avoid it, you are knowingly allowing the business to drive over the metaphorical cliff. It’s a poor business practice.

Granted confrontation feels so uncomfortable that the majority of people avoid it altogether. Of course, we know stories of the ugly side of confrontation when a leader has allowed the situation to fester to an ugly, emotional rampage. Even though this type of tirade may make the point for course correction, it’s damaging and dysfunctional. No one wins.

What’s the solution?

A leader needs to learn to quickly and unemotionally confront people in a way that reduces the potential for defensiveness. The approach can be one of solving a problem by focusing on the result versus expectations. The language used is not personal or accusing but focused on the identification of what has gone astray so correction or learning can take place.

If there is consistency in this approach and coaching others to use this method, a group can quickly become very comfortable and trust is formed. These characteristics are the hallmark of a highly productive team. I have much more to share on the topic of Assertiveness – Constructive Confrontation – Feedback – Conflict in a webinar you don’t want to miss. Most people can stand to improve these skills so join me on March 16 at 1p-2:30 pm

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Dorothy Tannahill-Moran is the Introvert Whisperer and Leadership Champion. Her mission is to help Ambitious Introverts achieve their professional potential.

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Halimah Bellows to be interviewed by Kristie Kennedy on Monday, March 14

Halimah Bellows MA, MS, CCC, CPC, author of Champion Your Career: Winning in the World of Work and creator of Career Quest Cards, will be interviewed on MASSIVE MOMENTUM in MINUTES with Kristie Kennedy on Monday, March 14 at 1:00 PM PST. Tune in at