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The following excerpt from Champion Your Career: Winning in the World of Work by Halimah Bellows MA, MS is now featured on Bublish at

Bublish ( is a publishing technology company that offers cloud-based tools, metrics and resources.


Author Insight

If you’re stressing out over people and situations that you absolutely believe you have no control over, it is time for an emotional adjustment, either by shifting your attitude or shifting into a more satisfying work experience.


Book Excerpt

Within the past decade or two, people have been talking about “worthy work.” People don’t just want a paycheck anymore; they want more than that. In Zen and the Art of Making a Living, Laurence Boldt writes about three alarm clocks in relation to waking up to our life’s work.

First, there is your internal clock, the desire for creative self-expression. This alarm goes off when you feel stuck, stifled or bored in your current work situation. You have talents and abilities that are not being fully used in your job. Maybe they’re even being fully ignored! You go to work because you have to, not because you want to. When the internal alarm goes off, you think, “OK, I have to start moving on and doing something else.


7 Ways to Know You Are in the Right Career

by Meredith Lepore

With the average American spending 9-10 hours a day at work so 40-50 a week, it would be nice to find a job where you aren’t miserable. In fact, it would be really great to have a whole career that makes you happy, but finding that — and realizing when you have — isn’t always easy.

According to a 2012 report released by Gallup, there are twice as many “actively disengaged” workers in the world as there are “engaged” workers who love their jobs. And in the U.S. in particular, 52 percent feel pretty blah about their job and 18 percent actively hate them. But 30 percent are quite happy when it comes to work. If you’re lucky, you are part of that 30 percent, but thanks to self-doubt or the grass always looking greener elsewhere, you may not even know it. Here are seven signs you have found your calling.

  1. You don’t get the Sunday blues.

“A clear sign you like your job is that you don’t have Sunday night anxiety,” Megan Broussard, founder of ProfessionGal, a career site for women, told Bustle. “People in jobs they hate often spend the whole weekend stressed because they’re dreading work on Monday. If the extent of your Sunday depression is, ‘Ugh, I’d so much rather watch 20 episodes of Scandal tomorrow than work,’ you’re doing well.”

  1. You don’t mind putting in extra effort.

Every job involves annoying and challenging tasks, but you realize that is just a part of the bigger picture and you sign up for extra work. Simone N. Sneed, founder of Advice For A Brilliant Life, an online destination for socially conscious professionals who want to excel, told Bustle,”If during challenging times you find yourself digging in and stepping up rather than opting out, you’ve found a career that you love.”

  1. You are one with your company.

Broussard told us that you know you’re on the right path when “you feel like the company you work for is your own, and you truly feel the ups and downs of the work you do because you truly care.”

  1. You can finally afford the things you want.

Of course, if you truly are happy in your career, money usually isn’t the reason, but it can be one of them. It is great when you have a job that allows you to live the lifestyle you want, or at least get close to it.

  1. You talk about your job all the time.

If you’ve ever hated your job, you know how much complaining career dissatisfaction provokes. But if you actually enjoy your job, you tend to be equally vocal about it. You know you’re in the right gig, said Broussard, when “you are the only happy one at happy hour because everyone else is drinking to wallow after a bad day. You’re pumped you’re so lucky to do what you do.” Just be careful about talking too much about how you love, love, love your career. All of those miserable people at the bar may not want to hear it.

  1. You tell other people they should work at your company.

This is a big one. If you are truly happy with your company, you encourage other people to apply. You find yourself at brunch describing what solid people your coworkers are, the company’s bright financial future, the value of its mission, and listing the many, many perks. (Did you mention the frozen yogurt machine?) Basically you talk about your job like it is your latest crush, says Broussard.

  1. You’re a little scared.

Nicole Williams, the bestselling author of “Girl on Top: Your Guide to Turning Dating Rules into Career Success,” and Secret’s Career Confidence Coach told Bustle, “Don’t misinterpret nervousness and stress as [evidence of] being in the wrong job.” It may be “due to the fact that you’re really excited about performing well, feeling challenged or even a little out of your league. These are actually signs that you’re in the right job,” Williams said. Remember, it is always good to be a little scared in your career. Comfort can quickly turn to boredom. “If you don’t feel a little nervous and stressed, it indicates that your job is not challenging enough or that you don’t have enough passion for either the industry or company to make it work in the long run,” she added.

The wrong job is more often packaged in boredom, a lack of stimulation and/or passion for what you’re doing. A lack of emotional or intellectual investment is a sure sign that it’s time to move on.

Meredith is a freelance writer based in New York. Her work has appeared in Marie Claire Magazine, Refinery 29, DailyWorth, Levo League, Business Insider and GoGirlFinance. She earned her Masters in Journalism from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University. Meredith enjoys reading, jogging, SoulCycle, asking her dog Otis questions and decorating her teeny, tiny West Village apartment.

Donna Seebo Show features “Champion Your Career”

Donna Seebo, who is an International mental practitioner, counselor, speaker, teacher, award-winning author and radio/TV personality, talk show host recently had Halimah Bellows on her radio show to talk about Halimah’s new book Champion Your Career: Winning in the World of Work. Donna has now provided the link to that show.

Go to this link: and click on The Donna Seebo Show in the “Select Page” bar on the top.

Once you are there, click on the “Past Shows Archives” box to view previous Donna Seebo Show broadcasts, and then scroll down to June 13th and click on the box at the right hand side of the page to place a check mark.

Then scroll down to where it says “play selected file.” Click on that, and you can listen to the show.

We welcome any questions or responses you may have after listening and invite you to look through the various pages to find out more about Delphi International, Vision Broadcasting and Mrs. Seebo’s Classics.

Halimah Bellows, MA, MS, CCC, CPC

Donna Seebo-Radio, Television, Speaker, Counselor, Mental Practitioner, Author, delphiinternational.con.

FIND OUT WHERE YOU FIT – Featured on Bublish

The following excerpt from Champion Your Career: Winning in the World of Work by Halimah Bellows MA, MS is now featured on Bublish at

Bublish ( is a publishing technology company that offers cloud-based tools, metrics and resources.


Author Insight

Although the internet is a powerful tool to add to your job search arsenal, don’t neglect traditional strategies such as networking, company research, a winning resume, and thorough interview preparation. Take advantage of resources such as Professional and Trade Publications—There are thousands of magazines, journals, and newsletters with information about specific fields or industries which may also contain job listings.


Book Excerpt

The previous sections of this book have focused on helping you, the reader, to consider some basic questions: “What are my skills, talents, strengths, values, interests, and personal qualities and how will they fit into the workplace?” The answers to these questions help you define who you are in relation to your search for the career path that will bring you the most fulfillment. The next part of this journey is finding out what actually is available in the world of work. This is the time for occupational research and exploration.

Halimah Bellows to be Interviewed on the Donna Seebo Show

Seattle-based career counselor/coach Halimah Bellows, MA, MS, CCC, CPC will be interviewed on “The Donna Seebo Show” at 9:00 AM PST on Monday, June 13. The show can be accessed online at

Halimah will be speaking about her new book, Champion Your Career: Winning in the World of Work. Designed as self-paced career development workshop in book format, Champion Your Career addresses the needs of a new generation of career seekers in a rapidly changing economy and job marketplace. The book provides a wide range of self-assessment tools to enable individuals to explore their personal passions, values, strengths and skills along with sound strategies and resources for decision making, goal setting and networking to begin a fulfilling new career.

Halimah Bellows is a sought after and respected resource for career advice and coaching. She is also the creator of CAREER QUEST CARDS © TM, a boxed set of 24 colorful cards with over 30 exercises based on the best of current career search information. A Career Quest App is also available.

For more information and to order Champion Your Career in hardcopy, visit the author’s website at The book and eBook are also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites, The ebook is also available at The Career Quest App is available at Amazon. Google and Ibook stores.


The following excerpt from Champion Your Career: Winning in the World of Work by Halimah Bellows MA, MS is now featured on Bublish at

Bublish ( is a publishing technology company that offers cloud-based tools, metrics and resources.

Author Insight

Whether you are a college student with little or no work history or an experienced worker seeking a new career direction, finding your way through the maze of career options available today can be daunting unless you have clarity about the choices that are appropriate for you. This clarity can be gained only through careful and honest self-assessment of your personality, your values, your strengths and your skills.

Book Excerpt

Now is the time to begin a self-assessment process that will give you more choices, broaden your options, and give you the confidence to know you are on the right career path. A self-assessment will clarify your characteristics, interests, values and skills. It will define your strengths and your weaknesses. Looking for a match between these and the work you are considering is the most important step you can take before you write a resume or begin the search for a job. In fact, when the time comes to write your resume and prepare for a job interview, you will find the task easier if you have completed the self-assessment process firs! You are the place to start, so ask yourself, “What do I do well?”