Clarify your Choices – Featured on Bublish

The following excerpt from Champion Your Career: Winning in the World of Work by Halimah Bellows MA, MS is now featured on Bublish at:

Bublish ( is a publishing technology company that offers cloud-based tools, metrics and resources.

Author Insight

Although there is no simple solution to finding the right career path for you, there are simple steps you can take utilizing all of your resources to make a good decision.

Book Excerpt

Now is the time to begin a self-assessment process that will give you more choices, broaden your options, and give you the confidence to know you are on the right career path.  A self-assessment will clarify your characteristics, interests, values and skills.  It will define your strengths and your weaknesses.  Looking for a match between these and the work you are considering is the most important step you can take before you write a resume or begin a search for a job.  In fact, when the time comes to write a resume and prepare for a job interview, you will find the task easier if you have completed the self-assessment process first.


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